3 Things To Know About Cremation

Have you been placed in charge of making the final arrangements for a loved one that has just passed away? Or, maybe you are just trying to get ahead on things and plan your own funeral so your loved ones will not have to worry about it later on. Either way, if you are interested in the option of cremation, but do not yet know enough to decide whether it is something you want to go through with, you should keep reading.

You Don't Have To Purchase A Casket

Many people are unaware that they do not have to purchase a casket if they have decided to opt for cremation. Caskets are not used inside of the crematorium. However, a simple combustible container is used for the holding of the deceased during the process. If you would like to have a viewing before the cremation, you have the option of renting a casket for that. 

You Can Get The Direct Cremation

The direct cremation means that you do not want any embalming and there will not be a viewing or service. The deceased is taken from where they passed directly to the crematorium. This is a great option for those who may not have a lot of cash on hand or there wasn't a life insurance policy. Some people select direct cremation simply because they never liked the idea of having a traditional service.

You Don't Have To Keep The Remains

Once the cremation is complete, you will receive the remains in a container of some sort. You can then transfer the remains into an urn of your choosing, or do something different. You do not have to keep the remains if you do not want to. You can bury them in a cemetery or on private property. You can spread them out over a lake or stream. You can even send some of it away to have unique jewelry made from the remains. There are a lot of options for you to pick from.

Contact a local crematorium or funeral home director if you would like some additional information. They should be able to schedule a consultation with you so you can get all of your questions answered. They will also be able to set up the cremation arrangements, including the matter of payment, right then and there if you decide that this is the option you want to select.

Contact a local cremation provider to learn more. 

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