Music Lovers & Headstones: Design Ideas Dedicated To The World Of Music

After a loved one passes away, we love to celebrate their life and interests through different dedications and services. One of the main ways to create a permanent dedication to a loved one is with a headstone design. Along with including basic information like their name, birth date, and death date, you can add a number of different design elements. If your loved one enjoyed the world of music, then there are multiple ways to incorporate these designs into the headstone. Browse through the different ideas to see what type of headstone you can plan out and order.

CD Frames

A number of modern headstones use small frames to display images of loved ones. These frames are sealed so that the picture can handle outdoor weather elements and moisture. Using the same type of headstone frame, you can display your loved ones favorite music CDs. For example, if your loved one was a huge fan of The Beatles, then one of their CDs could get mounted directly on the headstone. CDs are an easy option because they are thin and easy to mount. The plastic material is also durable and often features disc art that can create lively designs for the headstone.

Song Lyric Engravings

Headstones often feature engravings that showcase quotes or special messages. For a music lover, you can incorporate some of their favorite song lyrics into the headstone. This can be a simple line from a song or a whole song. Special engraving tools can create small fonts that can fit a whole song onto the headstone. The song choice can be a person's favorite song or one that holds special meaning about their life.

Negative Space Carvings

When a headstone features negative space, the carved opening of the stone creates a shape when viewed from a little bit of a distance. As you plan different headstone ideas for a music lover, you can consider a negative space instrument carving. For example, the center of the headstone can have a guitar shape carved into it. You can also choose from other musical instruments or shapes like a musical note. These carvings are ideal for taller vertical headstones.

Laser Engraved Musical Symbols

Laser engraving technology allows headstones to feature all types of designs. By ordering laser engraving, you can have a headstone created with all types of musical designs. For example, you can have musical notes engraved in each corner of a headstone. Other laser engraving image ideas include microphones or headphones. Choose a symbol that accurately represents your loved one and their love for music.

A funeral home can help give you estimates and details on a variety of headstone designs. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like

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