Easy Tips For Greening Your Funeral

When a loved one dies, sometimes it's not at the top of your mind to think about green ways to handle a burial However, there are several easy ways to leave a smaller environmental impact during a burial, and in some cases, even to create a positive impact. Here are some easy steps to take for a more eco-friendly funeral and burial. 

Green Burial Options

There are a few green burial options that can reduce the impact of wasted materials and energy For instance, you might consider a natural burial, where the person is buried in a biodegradable casket such as natural, unfinished wood. It also helps to forego the embalming process. Aside from using a mix of chemicals, the embalming process also will slow the natural decomposition once the person is buried. If you wish to opt for a natural burial without embalming, be aware that you would need to hold the funeral ceremony within a few days of death and an open casket may not be allowed. However, it can be a great send-off for a person who was ecologically conscious. 

Green Cremation Options

Green cremation is becoming more and more of a possibility as well. For instance, you can choose to do a cremation using lye and hot water instead of the traditional flame cremation. But even the flame cremation is becoming a more sustainable process, as many cremation centers have been working to reduce their emissions. 

Create a Living Memorial

Aside from handling the remains in a sustainable way, you could use the opportunity to make a positive impact by creating a living memorial. This would be a tribute to the loved one that would involve planting various plants as a memorial. Some urns actually allow you to plant a seed inside, so that the loved one could nourish one of the plants in their own memorial. 

Ask for Donations

While it's typical for family members or friends to have flowers delivered to the bereaved family as a gesture, some families are taking it in their hands to ask for donations to charity instead. You could have a great impact on the environment by directing others to donate to a specific ecological charity in your family's honor. These are only a few of the ways that you could plan an environmentally-friendly burial, but they are a great start when you aren't sure where to start when it comes to funeral planning. 

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