Pay Your Respects In A Unique Way When Visiting Gravesites And Cemeteries

If you are looking for a way to pay tribute to someone that has passed, flowers may not always be the answer. Try thinking of some other means to honor the memory of your loved one, while also bringing a unique feature to their final resting place.

Some unique ways to pay your respects include:

Build a cairn. Cairns have been used for centuries to mark significant spots or landmarks and are the ideal way to remember the resting place of someone that has passed. A cairn is a pile of stones, typically smaller near the top and larger at the bottom. Use smooth river rocks or tumbled gems to create a small cairn on the grave of a loved one.

Leave a coin. There is significance to leaving a coin on the headstone of someone that has passed. There are varying meanings behind the coin, which often relate to military service. For example, a penny indicates that you both served while a dime means that you spent time in the same unit.

Plant a micro-garden. Create a tiny living testament to the person that has passed with a micro-garden near the headstone. This may involve adding a few tiny ceramic figurines, stones, or low-growing plants to a small space, which doesn't require much maintenance. Be wary of anything too big, as it may cause an issue for those that maintain the plot or that landscape the surrounding area.

Write a note. Another great way to memorialize your loved one is with a note. Write a short note that can be slipped in a vase, bottle, or under an attractive rock for the person that has passed. This is also a great way to help children cope with the loss of a loved one, as they can say things that they may not have gotten the chance to after a death.

Park a bench. Create a tranquil spot to "visit" with your loved one at the gravesite by bringing in a cute bench. This allows you and others to sit and reflect while paying respects to the person that has passed.

Install something solar. Add a bit of light to the grave with a solar stake light or a tiny solar fountain. This will bring a bit of warmth to the spot at night, while also serving to remind others that this person was well-loved.

Flowers may not always be the perfect way to commemorate a life that has been lost, and these suggestions offer a different way to remember your loved one. Be sure that you don't plant or position anything on the grave that is prohibited by the cemetery association in your region; ask for specifics on what is and is not allowed on each plot. Try these tips to memorialize your loved one and tribute them in a fitting way.

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