Pre-Planning Your Cremation

For approximately 50 percent of the population, it seems to make more sense to opt for a cremation. The most obvious reason for this is the fact that a funeral can cost in excess of $7,045, depending on where you live, while cremation might only cost about $3,250 if you choose to add a memorial service as well. However, if you are deciding to have your final resting place be in the form of environmentally-friendly ashes, then you might want to consider planning this ahead of your actual demise.

While it may seem rather morbid to realistically face the prospect of your own mortality, it is a fact of life that you are likely to die at some point. So, here are a few reasons to consider having your say in those final moments by pre-planning your cremation. 

Ashes to ashes

While life expectancy has increased to about 78.8 years on average, the fact is that just over 2.5 million people die in the U.S. each year. Realistically, this means that you could really die at any time and once you are at a legal age to do so you should make some sort of plan for your final resting place. If you wish to be cremated then planning ahead of time can allow you the freedom to find the crematory of your choice which can answer any questions you might have and may be able to offer the best choices in both honoring your wishes as well as offering the best services to your family and friends.

Planning ahead can also allow the choices on what is to be done with your ashes. There are currently a variety of choices including making a diamond as a keepsake for loved ones or even using the ashes to mix with paints for either a painting or even a tattoo. However, if these are not to your liking, pre-planning can certainly take the guesswork away for your family.

Saving time and money

Pre-planning can be a gift of time to your family by removing the stress and strain related to planning during grieving. It is suggested that one can never fully prepare for the reality of death and those left grieving sometimes end up planning in a haze and then regret the decisions that were made. Pre-planning can make this so much easier for them by sorting through the details and can take out the added stress that sometimes cause families to become fractured during grieving.

A significant portion of saving money comes through preventing your family from becoming possible victims of scamming during such a distressing time. Although most funeral homes and crematories are reputable businesses, it has been found that up to 18 percent of such can sometimes be in violation of the rules of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) governing the operation of such businesses. Finding a reputable business (such as Catchen Don & Son Funeral Home) to handle your cremation is certainly more likely to be likely if you take the time to pre-plan.  

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