Tips For Choosing Clothing For The Deceased

If you have had a loved one die and you were the one that knew him or her best, chances are excellent that you will be the one in charge of choosing what your loved one should wear when he or she is in the coffin. This can be a difficult decision that will likely mean a lot to you during the funeral. You want to choose clothing that is going to look okay in the casket and that properly shows what your loved one was like when he or she was alive. Here are some tips for choosing clothing for the deceased.

1. Consider a Nicer Version of What Your Loved One Wore Regularly

Think about the people who are attending the funeral. You want to be certain that you don't distract them from what the funeral is all about: mourning and honoring the death of someone who is loved. People want to focus on the purpose of the funeral so that they can soak up all of the healing effects that it has to offer. One way that you can avoid drawing attention away from the funeral is to dress your loved on in a way that many people were used to seeing him or her, but slightly nicer so that your loved one does not appear under dressed at his or her own funeral. For example, if your loved one went to church every Sunday, have him or her wear an outfit that he or she would regularly wear to church. If your loved one wore a t-shirt and jeans, consider dressing him or her in his or her favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a sweater over it. 

2. Consider the Atmosphere of the Funeral

If your loved one put in his or her will that he or she would like his or her funeral to be a casual affair, then you want to stay true to his or her wishes. Make sure that your loved one is dressed in a way that fits with the rest of the funeral.

3. Consider Your Loved One's Signature Items, if Any

If your friend had a signature item, such as a beloved purse, pair of sneakers, or some other article of clothing, make sure that it is with your loved one in the casket, even if he or she can't wear it. For example, if your loved one would always wear a particular flat-topped hat, consider putting the hat near his or her head if it won't stay on when the deceased is lying down.

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