What To Do When A Loved One Doesn't Have Life Insurance

Death often comes without warning. While many believe they are completely prepared for this event, the unfortunate reality is that many people simply aren't. One of the main areas of concern is life insurance. When a family members passes away with little or no life insurance, this can place a significant burden on the family. If you're a person dealing with this type of issue, knowing how to navigate your way through this difficult situation is important.    

Rely On Technology

When a loved one passes away, meeting their finial wishes is always the priority. This is the case even when there isn't a sufficient life insurance policy in place to help pay for funeral costs. In this instance, getting help from family and friends is critical if you aren't able to cover these costs on our own. 

However, during your time of grief, picking up the telephone and calling friends and family to ask for financial assistance can seem taxing and may make you feel uncomfortable, as if you're forcing people to give. Technology can be of assistance to you in this area. Making a short post on your social media account can help you draw in funds. There are also free, fundraising websites that allow you to illicit the help of others in a less invasive manner.

Science Donation

Some people are unaware of the fact that the cost of a funeral service and burial are two separate things. If there is no life insurance policy and you're unable to get sufficient assistance from other family and friends, it can be difficult to cover the cost of both of these services. In this type of scenario, donating the body to science for medical research is an option. In addition to eliminating burial costs, some research facilities will also offer a small donation that you can use to put towards the funeral cost.

Although this idea might sound odd to some, medical research plays a vital role in disease prevention and treatment advancements. It's important to mention that the decision to donate a loved one's body to science is not one that should be made hastily or without the input of others. This should be a decision that all members of your family agree upon and are comfortable with.

Make sure this type of incident doesn't happen again. The best way to do this is to have a dialogue with your family members to ensure everyone has the right level of life insurance coverage. For further assistance, contact a local funeral home.

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