What To Consider When Selecting A Cemetery

When you are in the process of pre-planning a funeral, there are a couple big decisions that need to be made. One of them is deciding on the cemetery where you'll be laid to rest forever. It is not a decision that should be made with haste, since there are many things you'll need to take into consideration when picking a cemetery.

Ownership of the Cemetery

The funeral home you select can let you know of different cemeteries that they work with, which is a great starting point if you do not have any in mind. Religious groups, churches, private businesses, residing cities, and non-profits can own a cemetery.

Even though there are state regulations every cemetery will need to follow, each cemetery will have their own rules and regulations. Request a copy of these regulations so that it is easy to compare them with the different facilities. Some things to look for include:

  • memorial marker size restrictions.
  • grave decoration limitations, including when decorations are removed.
  • how vandalism is handled to memorial markers and grave sites.

Make sure that you read the rules carefully so that you understand any restrictions that may prevent you from selecting a cemetery. For example, there may be upkeep requirements by family members that you do not want to burden them with.

Selecting A Grave Location

One of the biggest factors that can change the cost of a grave plot is the location. This may be the factor that can make or break your decision, because you'll find that many premium spots have already been reserved. Grave plots with scenic views are often in high demand, and come with a premium cost. Those next to roads are typically cheaper, because others need to walk through the area to reach others.

Comparing Fees

Each cemetery will have its own list of fees that you should compare. It's typical for the maintenance of the burial site to be included in the main burial plot cost. Other fees that you could be responsible for paying include:

  • digging and filling of the grave.
  • equipment usage rental (such as a casket lowering device).
  • grave liner.
  • grave site preparation and monument securing.

It is very easy for fees to add up, so consider them during any funeral planning that you do.

The good news is that by taking the time to decide on your cemetery early on, you will not be putting the burden on your family and loved ones to decide on them quickly after you pass away. For more information, contact Shepherd Funeral Home or a similar location.

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