Three Clever And Creative Headstone Ideas Every Pre-Planner Should Know About

Planning a funeral is not something that most people would call enjoyable, but that does not mean that you cannot get a little creative with your own choices and end-of-life details. This is especially true when it comes to picking out the headstone that will be used to mark your burial plot in a cemetery. If you want to make a different type of impression than just the typical granite stone and block lettering, there are a few clever modern ideas that you can use for your headstone that you likely did not know were a possibility at all.

Make Memorial Stones High-Tech with QR Codes

These codes that can be scanned with a smart phone can be spotted on everything from your morning cup of coffee to the car that you drive, and now you can even have a personal QR code on your headstone. The code will be designated to your name and, when scanned by someone viewing your stone, will lead them directly to a memorial website where friends and family members can share photos, messages, and sympathy expressions. While not every headstone company offers QR code implemented in the engraving, you can order a code plaque online that you attach to your own stone with poly-resin adhesive.

Get Artistic with Sculpted Designs

There is no written rule that says you have to buy a headstone from a specific place that is shaped a certain way, unless of course this is a requirement of the cemetery you choose – some do have regulations. In most cases, you can contract a headstone artist to create a memorial marker that is totally unique. Stacked cubes, animals, and even objects, such as guitars and tree stumps, are showing up in cemeteries across the county.

Inject a Little Humor with Funny Inscriptions

The end of your days may not be a joyous occasion for your family and friends, but most will appreciate a friendly reminder of your lighter side if you have always loved giving a laugh. It is not uncommon for people to leave comical inscriptions on their headstones, such as I'll Be Back, Let Me Out, or Connection Reset. Add a little humor to your headstone and you can continue giving laughs long after you are gone.

Even though facing the end of your life during funeral planning can seem ominous, it does not have to be a run-of-the-mill event that is just like every other funeral and burial you have ever attended. To find out more about interesting headstone ideas, be sure to talk to a professional like Maurice Moore Memorials about your intent to do something a little different.

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