Grieving The Loss Of A Loved One During The Holidays

For some, the holidays are an enjoyable and exciting time of the year. For those that are grieving the death of a loved one, the opposite is often true. While there is nothing you can ever do to replace or even fill the void of a loved one who has passed, there are things you can do to help cope with your loss during the holidays and make this time of year more enjoyable.

Honor Wishes

An excellent way to help with the grieving process is to honor any wishes your loved one might have passed on or expressed. Sometimes, just the feeling that you are doing something that would have been pleasing in the eyes of your loved one is comforting. For example, was it always a wish of your loved one to serve food to the underprivileged on Thanksgiving?

If so, working with a shelter to feed the homeless on this day is a great way to honor them and find comfort during this difficult time. Even if the wish of your loved one was something as simple as planning a family gathering, taking control and accomplishing a desire of your love one is helpful. It might also be a good idea to encourage other family members to participate with you.

Keep Up Traditions  

Make it a point to keep up any family traditions that your loved one was responsible for. For example, if the deceased hosted a Christmas morning breakfast each year, speak with other family members to see who might be able to fill in this role and continue on with this tradition. Continuing traditions is an excellent way to honor the memory of your loved one and reflect back on the special times you were able to share with them, which can both offer a sense of comfort.

On the contrary, if you hadn't shared any traditions with your loved one, this is a great way to start a symbolic tradition as a way to honor your love one and create new memories. A holiday dinner, photo session or vacation are just some of the traditions you could begin during this season.

When it comes to the grieving process, the most important thing to do is to let your feelings be the guide. Different things work for different people and no two people will share the same emotional journey. Do what's best for you to make it through this difficult time.

More importantly, be sure that all funeral arrangements are settled before the holidays by going through a trusted funeral home, Foster-Warne Funeral Home.

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