Exploring 4 Unique Memorial Service Ideas

Memorial services can vary just as greatly as the personality of the individual being memorialized at the service. Furthermore, more and more families are choosing to steer away from "traditional" memorial services with the wishes of celebrating the life of their loved one with some more unique services. Fortunately, options are pretty endless when it comes to ideas for unique memorial services.

1. Scholarship in Honor of the Memorialized Individual

One option for a memorial service that does not involve decorations is to ask the attendees of the memorial to make a small donation to put towards a scholarship fund in honor of the individual who has passed away. Once the memorial is over, the money collected can be donated to a charity with a cause that reflects the passion and interest of the individual being memorialized.

2. Customized Memorial Candles

Using customized memorial candles at the memorial service can be a great idea to memorialize the individual who passed away. The body of the candle can be custom engraved to say just about anything about the individual who is being memorialized. The candles can be burned during the service and given out to family members and friends as keepsakes after the service ends.

3. Choose a Theme For The Service

While some people do not like viewing it as such, a memorial and funeral is intended to be a party celebrating the life of an individual who has passed away. You need to stop and ask yourself if the individual who has passed away would want you to have a sad and depressing time at the funeral or if he or she would want everyone to have a good time. Consider choosing a theme that represents the interests of the individual who has passed away, such as his or her favorite sports team, to lighten the mood of the service.

4. Physical Releases

Consider having doves, butterflies, or balloons released during the service as a visual representation of letting go of the individual who has passed away. When deciding what to release, it helps to consider what interests the individual had and what he or she would appreciate getting released. Releasing doves, butterflies, or balloons, for example, are a great way to add a hint of beauty and hope to the memorial.

Naturally, these four ideas just begin to scratch the surface on some of the unique ways to honor the loved one who has passed away. Do what you can to discuss the wants of your friends and family members before they pass away to ensure they are given a memorial they deserve. If you are looking for a business that specializes in veteran memorial services, visit Hartsell Funeral Home.

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